About our point of view in working...

Selçuk Demirel

However our point of view is dragging us into conflictions, some details are very important.

  • We are not creating colored, motioned, trifling but expensive inventions if its not necessary.We do not try to assure anyone for an unnecessary work and extras.
  • We do not promise for infeasible things for us.
  • We do not want to compromise from our love of working, to do that job.
  • The conversance of the business owner is effective to us.
  • While we are trying to explain issues, we are trying to construct it on our possibilities, not on other's failure.
  • We want to belive that all the projects in Internet, at least the projects that we contribute, are deserving.
  • We trying to sustain the idea of, 'internet is a great prosperity which human-being built up'.