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YeniHayat Informatics Technologies Corp.

YeniHayat - About Us

YeniHayat Informatics (Bilişim) Corp. was established at 2007, founding partnership of YeniHayat Publishing Limited Company and began the activities with desire and approach to develop new expansions in IT industry.

As soon as YHP Ltd. began to orientate the commercial processes IT-focused, there became a need to a firm structuring which focuses only IT and this expansion evantuated in the establishment of YHI Corp.

The selection of Perpa Commercial Center as the chief office is not coincidental. YHI Corp. with innovative consideration and approach, desires to support Perpa in the process of gaining the entitled force, which is thought that can not bring to light its potential.

YHI studies to continue requests about application development, dedicated needs to be transferred into web environment, regeneration of classical business process into internet environment, develop content modeling systems and developer components in online commerce while choosing to be innovative in IT.

Our creation team who is working for enhancing user-friendly and concluding solutions for internet -as a business development environment-, is also maintaining to generate available and accessable systems and solutions.

Therefore the limited circumstances of enterprising in our country, YHI is supporting the use of open source and free software products with various training programmes and also sharing the experiences with the leader firms of the sector.

Our main approach can be summarized with two mottos:

If something recurs to your mind, most probably it can be practicable...

If a person can do, alsa a computer can...