YeniHayat Corp. serves as a Grid Telecom business partner, has its own cabinet with C Class IP poll.


Basic features of our data center are as follows:

  • 320 m² total area
  • 185 cabinet
  • Redundant 4x80 kVA APC UPS
  • FM200 gas based fire extinguisher system
  • 1 x 650 kVA – 1 x 275 kVA Redundant generator
  • Liebert Hiross 2
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The best way to generate a low cost optimal solution in most project such as web projects, central accounting, database needs, custom mail server, proxy between branches, and vpn solution is to keep your server in a professional data center.

Our company has been serving with a infrastructure and technical team to meet your needs from a single server to...

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You can purchase our server management services for your GNU/Linux, BSD, Unix-based servers. Besides this servers that we run through minimum six-month contracts, you can also benefit our one-time setup/problem solving services.

The topic we serve:

  • Server Installation
  • Monitoring security updates and keeping the server updated
  • Firewall & IDS Systems Installation, Anti-DOS adjustments
  • Cpanel & Plesk Installation
  • Exim, Qmail, and
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Load balancing and scability issues never raise in the normal projects, however, if a web project has created a serious interest and started to get high traffic, these issues will immediately come out. From the moment that you need load balancing, then it means you have new problems.

First, you need to know the limits of your software infrastructure which...

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