Embedded Linux Trainings

Embedded Linux Trainings

YeniHayat Corp. is offering its accumulations about Embedded Linux systems with its experienced staff for more than 8 years.

Our Embedded Linux Training Programs are being arranged according to the clients and the training groups. These arrangements are based on the basic details which is shown on the YHB-EL1 training program, below. New subjects can be added in accordance with your requirements. Our YHB-EL1 training contains 4 days and 32 hours curriculum. On First and second day constitutes from mostly technical subject, third and fourth day from practices.

82 people have participated our Embedded Linux Systems training programs, to date. General participant profile consists of computer and electronics engineers, nevertheless the basic Linux and application development knowledge is considered as eligible to attend programs. Due to it is a technical intensive training, it is being conducted with 12-14 people in homogenized groups as far as possible. A certificate and the training materials are being given to the attenders, at the end of the program.

YHB-EL1 Embedded Linux Training


  • Introduction
    • System overview and role of the kernel
    • History and versioning scheme
    • Supported hardware architectures
    • Legal issues: licensing constraints, software patents
    • Kernel user interface
  • Compiling and booting
    • Getting the sources
    • Using the patch command
    • Structure of source files
    • Kernedules
    • Kernel configuration
    • Files used by kernel configuration tools
    • Compiling
    • Cross-compiling
    • The bootloader
    • Booting parameters
    • Debugging through the serial port
    • Creation of an initrd ramdisk
  • Basic driver development
    • Linux device drivers
    • A simple module
    • Programming constraints
    • Loading, unloading modules
    • Module parameters
    • Module dependencies
    • Adding sources to the kernel tree
    • Kernel debugging


  • Driver development
    • Memory management
    • I/O register and memory access
    • Character device drivers
    • Sleeping, interrupts
    • mmap, DMA
    • New device model, sysfs
    • Hotplug
    • udev dynamic devices
  • Advice and resources
    • Using Ethernet over USB
    • Root filesystem on the host through NFS
    • Review of the various filesystem types
    • The MTD subsystem
    • Getting help and contributions
    • Bug report and patch submission to Linux developers
  • Development Tools - GNU / Linux workstation
    • Choosing GNU/Linux distribution and packages
    • Dedicated commercial toolsets and distributions
    • Getting or compiling a cross-compiling toolchain
  • Emulators
  • Minicom: serial console and file transfer with the target device
  • How to find existing Free Software for a particular need