Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

So far, Yenihayat Informatics Corp. was solving its hosting requirements on its web based projects by using home and abroad servers. Especially, on comprehensive web projects, we are confronting many subjects to be solved or to be customized, which are not presented as a service of the standard hosting packages. Therefore, we were providing hosting services to our software customers, as a complemental service of our software development services, for years.

As the time passes by, accordingly the increase in the quantity of domain names that we provide service, we have started to conceive an easy, unproblematic, last user oriented web hosting service. Thus, EtikaWeb has been found....


Our primary object in scope of the EtikaWeb hosting project, is to generalize a handy, unproblematic hosting system, to the nationwide. At first, we are aspiring and trying to develop a really live and rapid support in case of probable problems, for us.

We are developing our system in a scalable way according to the consideration in the Telecommunication Board's regulations which includes proficiency measures for the hosting firms.

EtikaWeb hosting software which has been developed to this day on RubyonRails platform, enables online domain name and hosting package processes and performs customer tracking and ticketing system. And also is trying to provide services with its reporting features.

Domain Hosting

Our hosting solutions will be conducted on EtikaWeb's constitution with EtikaWeb project.On our transition period, our corporative costumer's domain hosting needs will continue to be solved on our current system. You can contact us, and notify us about your domain hosting needs.

Mail Hosting

We are providing mail hosting services only to our corporative users. Within this scope we are providing services in confidential mail server installations, platform migrations, Google Apps Professional mail system integrations.

Corporative Solutions

You can take support for your special needs which has not been qualified in the head pieces or standard services yet. Within this scope, we are creating solutions with the usage of open sourced systems. We are creating solutions on titles such as GNU/Linux localization, proxy services, load-balancing and web server acceleration.