Money is not everything.

Money is not everything.

Expectations and requests of business owners are important. But the internet projects, can not only be realised with motivations but with attentious projecting and planning.

We can not work with a firm if the firm has not got any web sites, regrettably we can not work with it.

We do not built vision missons and communication sites.

We do not response to the requests like haggling.

If any firm really does not need a web site, we simply explain this and go.

We are not arguing why it is not possible; with someone who believes that the informations and the designs, on visiting cards which made by the relative sign painters, are enough for a web site.

We are not bargaining with the fanciful enterprisers who thinks to gain milion $s in a year by paying 170 $s for hosting.

Any work can not only get done for money.Our answer is clear for those who negotiates just with money.