Specialized Trainings

YeniHayat Corp. has performed Linux Trainings to conduct solutions for specialized requirements for many times,so far.If the training groups have enough information about the prerequisite subjects; repeating these subjects again, causes a state of distress for the group in attending the course. Thus, in order to identify the knowledge and experience level of our training groups, we are...

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YeniHayat Corp. is offering its accumulations about Embedded Linux systems with its experienced staff for more than 8 years.

Our Embedded Linux Training Programs are being arranged according to the clients and the training groups. These arrangements are based on the basic details which is shown on the YHB-EL1 training program, below. New subjects can be added in accordance with...

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YeniHayat Corp. is using the Ruby on Rails framework on its web based solutions. We are running Rails softwares within a wide range, from the scalable systems to the Linux Live CD releases.

We have started to plan our Ruby on Rails trainings to meet the domestic demand of experienced employee as a consequence of Ruby on Rails is a...

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YeniHayat A.Ş. provides consulting services on following subjects:

Gnu/Linux Systems

  • Debian GNU/Linux Installation and Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Firewall and IDS Systems Setup
  • VPN Solutions
  • Squid Proxy Solutions
  • MySQL Database Tunings
  • Exim, qmail and Fighting Against Spam
  • Developing Customized Linux Distributions
  • Apache, Lighttpd, FastCGI, Mongrel and Passenger Configuration

Embedded Linux Systems

  • Developing Custom Toolchains for Arm, Mips and x86 Platforms
  • Developing
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