Web Technologies

YeniHayat Informatics Corp. insistently endeavors, encourages and favors the usage of open-sourced softwares.

Ruby on Rails

Open-source web frameworks, especially in late years, developing consecutively and taking place all over the world. YeniHayat Informatics Corp. makes usage of Ruby on Rails framework, which pretty accelerated on this motion, in all of its web solutions.

Using RubyOnRails, Open-source developers retrieved a tool which has the similar skills like other commercial products on markets.

RubyOnRails, with its Model View Controller onception, has given the chance to develop web based applications; beside this, an ability work for application developers with a certain rule but without any loss of flexibility.

Web Technologies


RubyOnRails, is carrying out the discipliniary of the object based application development, into the web platform. It defines and solves this inconclusive problem at open-source, along others which web developers can encounter every day.

The biggest difference among RubyOnRails and previous similar projects is that while taking focus at the web application development on MVC(Model View Controller) concept; furthermore can aim within single solution to many subjects which web developers may need. Thus, developer, doesn't be bounded by advantages of the developing only object based application, also retrieves possibilities like getting extra functionality by using web services, mail transfers, solution scaling, facilitate using of javascript and ajax.

RubyOnRails has database abstraction layer, like other similar solutions. You can go on shortly after, to work directly on objects without creating any SQL query when connections among classes once defined. Processes on databese executed by RubyOnRails, are transparent.